Stats: 39 yrs old 5′ 8″
Current weight 156 ~10% BF

I graduated High School at 185 lbs in 1992
I peaked at 209 lbs around 1996-97
178lbs 19.6%BF March 2001
167lbs 17%BF July 2005

9-11-10 175 15.4%BF START of nutrition plan. (40 40 20)

I had no idea I was 50+ lbs overweight, I carried the weight evenly over my body and I never had a big gut.

Clues I was overweight:
1st clue: I was watching some football, which I rarely do, and they had a players stats at bottom of screen, 5’10″ 185, wait a minute, I weigh more than a professional football player that is 2″ taller than me?

2nd clue: I started doing some running to lose weight and wanted to buy a nice pair of running shoes. Found a nice web site which asks about arch, under pronate, over pronate, weight…. the maximum weight for the running shoes was 180 lbs. The only shoes that had a weight class to accommodate me were cross trainers.

3rd clue: In 1999 I went to see high school buddy at the beach and his older brother was there who hadn’t seen me in a couple yrs and he says “put on a little weight did ya”, I’m thinking, well maybe a little, but it can’t be that bad, I only weigh a little more than I did in HS….

If someone told me I should weigh under 160 at that time I would have thought they were crazy and dismissed them completely, “look at my thighs, there huge, and all muscle” and “I’m big boned”. I always thought  “I just need to lift a little like I did in High School, and I’ll be right back to where I was in no time.”  Wrong… see “The Facts

I am 40 years old and am in the best shape of my life….. I like that.


Top Pic is me at 156lbs 10% BF.  Bottom Pic is me at around 180lbs 20% BF.

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