Body Fat Percentage


Guidelines for Women

For women, a body fat of 14 to 17 percent is considered very low, 17 to 20 percent is low, 20 to 27 percent is considered average, 27 to 31 percent is above average and above 31 percent is considered obese. Women should maintain a body fat of at least 11 to 13 percent for optimal physiological function within the body. Older adults tend to fall within the higher ranges of each category due to reduced metabolic function and decreased muscle mass.

Guidelines for Men

For men, a body fat level of 7 to 10 percent is considered very low, 10 to 13 percent is low, 13 to 17 percent is considered average, 17 to 25 percent is above average and above 25 percent is considered obese. Men should maintain a body fat percentage of at least 3 to 5 percent for optimal physiological function within the body.

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Healthy Fat Ranges for Men

“Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook” lists essential fat for males as 3 to 5 percent while 25 percent or higher is considered obese. Although male athletes tend to have a fat percentage of 5 to 7 percent, 13 to 17 percent is considered a normal healthy range. Women require a higher level of essential fat and follow sex-specific guidelines.
Healthy Fat Ranges for Women
The American Council on Exercise offers a range of body fat percentages through which you can estimate your fitness level and possible need to reduce weight. A healthy female usually falls somewhere between 14 and 30 percent. For an average, modestly active woman, a healthy range is between 21 and 31 percent. The range of acceptable fat percentage increases slightly with age. Elite athletes and figure competitors usually fall below 20 percent and might dip to the very low range during races or competitions.

This is Andrea Pasutti.  5′ 3″ She put on 24 lbs of muscle and 4.5 lbs of fat with clean eating and weight training.  Amazing transformation.

Found this on Tumblr. “One of the most frustrating things I see when perusing the ‘fitspiration’ and ‘fitspo’ tags is when I read posts where girls are freaking out because they’ve gained weight and they’ve been working out so hard and they might as well give up. Trust me, I know what that’s like. My mood for the entire day was once defined by whether or not I had lost weight from the day before. It’s a tired adage – that muscle weighs more than fat, but it’s true.”
“Ladies – take pictures & take your measurements. The photos above were from the first day that I went to the gym and then 30 days later. I gained weight.. while it’s only 5 lbs, keep in mind that is over 5% of my starting body weight. However, you will notice that I look slightly thinner in the picture on the right. I also made measurable strength & endurance gains in the gym. There is nothing inherently evil about gaining weight, and nothing inherently good about losing weight. Listen to your body – how much energy do you have? are things that were once difficult now getting easier for you? do your clothes fit differently than they used to? Don’t let an arbitrary number on a scale define your worth. It only has that power if you let it.”

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