What I do

Sample diet

Meal 1: Oatmeal, 1/2 cup with 1 scoop Myofusion and raisins

Meal 2: Shake, 2  scoops of Myofusion with water

Meal 3: Chicken with whole wheat pasta

Meal 4: some fruit or celery with peanut butter

Meal 5: grilled chicken and pasta, vegetables, or an egg white omelet

Meal 6: cottage cheese, or Chobani, or some nuts.

I eat quick and easy meals, 6 meals a day that get me close to  the Nutrition plan.  I am lazy so I look for the path of least resistance.  I use the protein bars, Chobani Greek yogurt, canned chicken mixed with whole wheat pasta…. I try to make oatmeal in the morning but I go to work early and don’t have much time so I will usually grab a Chobani.  If I go out to lunch I will either go to Chick fil A, Whole Foods, or a local Chinese restaurant and get steamed chicken and broccoli with brown rice.

I exercise very little.  I will ride a spin bike a couple times a week.  I flirt with weights but nothing consistent. In the warmer months I will ride my bikes as much as possible


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